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Whether your business is a non profit helping food insecurities, a restaurant, institutional & government agencies, or a retail operation, Fleetwood Foods™ can service your needs. We feel that in any of these instances food is crucial to the people and community you serve. If our community around us is provided for with quality, wholesome food, while being price conscious, the results will greatly impact our community for the better.
At Fleetwood Foods™ Our success is driven by sourcing wholesome food at prices that allow you to buy more and to serve more, with less.


Access to a full variety in dry, refrigerated, and frozen categories.


Providing value to our clients that may otherwise not been seen.

Opportunity Deals

Supply items that help drive costs down but still providing quality.


Consistently providing value to our supplier partners by leveraging our supply chain.

Fleetwood Foods

The desire to build this company is really rooted in family history - starting with my Father and Mother, both immigrants from Egypt: with very little to their names, they always found a way to help those in need.
My father always offered hot meals to strangers, provided pantries and other organizations with meals to serve those in need. To the point when he passed in 2010, the number of people who came to pay their respect was overwhelming, but for the mere fact that we had no idea that he had helped so many.
My mother is also cut from the same cloth, but has worked the majority of her life in foodservice. First owning her own bakery and servicing the community of Bucks County PA with her delicious baked goods, to continuing servicing the elder community for more than 20 years with her amazing cooking.
Serving others with food in one capacity or another has always been at our core and Fleetwood is committed to extending this.

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